Enter Melampo World! Three generations story is shaped on the shirt archetype and evolve into a ultra-contemporary total look.

Melampo is the fashion project of Lulù and Anna Poletti. Drawing inspirations from architecture, photography and great tailoring, Melampo delivers the exclusive point of view the siblings acquired from their childhood in Italy and from their family’s clothing factories. Melampo garments reflect upon the history of the family while creating a design that manifests concepts of structure, wearability, technical control, orderliness, body, freedom, and lightness.

The Industrial Culture with three generations of experience in the production of luxury clothing that takes its roots in tailored men’s shirts. The design of the women’s shirt still draws on the elements and details typical of the traditional shirt for men, as a distinctive feature of the brand and evolve into a total look made out of dresses, shirt-jackets, leggings and denim pants with a vintage European and slightly dreamlike spirit, who plays a recognizable ultra-contemporary style. Ideas spring from the Berlin, the cradle of the indie European culture, and arrive in Italy where they materialize in garments with the careful wisdom and the pursuit of perfection of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Architecture and Design are fundamental pillars, manifested in the approach to the volumes and proportions of the iconic styles of the Permanent Collection.

Another distinctive point of Melampo is the transversal Research of garments construction techniques and details which take inspiration from the Victorian Age as well from Pop Culture.

Melampo aims to design emotional garments to keep forever.

Made in Italy

All styles from Melampo collections are produced in Italy in the family factory and the entire process from creation to realisation of any single garment is personally followed up by Lulú and Anna together with all the family members.

A strong Ethics intrinsic in the values of Made in Italy is strengthened by the choice of sustainable raw materials and excellent suppliers.

Made to Order:
The New Luxury

Image to have the time to wait an Italian Tailor to prepare your beloved Melampo style only for you…isn’t that luxury?

With the intent to make fashion sustainable we only produce the garments ordered by our costumers.

That’s reduce waste and make every garment really unique and made only for you.


Most of the styles of Melampo collection are made with Upcycling Fabric, which reduce waste by using premium quality fabrics sleeping on stock from past seasons.

melampo made in italy

Melampo World