Hausaufgaben Collection

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Kragen Capsule

Discover the Kragen Capsule Collection. 

A selection of melampo collar styles which can be used in different occasion around the day. 

You can upgrade your outfit  just layering it over a coat or a jumper in a second.

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Shop the Kragen Capsule Collection. 

A selection of Melampo collar styles realized with upcycling fabric and available on made to order.

Melampo Collections

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Melampo introduce you the #melampodiaries, a new project, which aims to tell the intimate story of inspiring girls. in their environment.
The tale starts from Berlin, the capital inspiring us the most and our second home.

Melampo World

Enter Melampo World! 
Three generations story is shaped on the shirt archetype and evolve into a ultra-contemporary total look with a dreamlike spirit.

Special Project

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