Melampo is a family lexicon. Starting right from the brand’s name, made of the initials of whom converted an artisan shop into a solid industrial reality. As happens only in Italy, the story began many years ago with handmade caps, then proceeded to men’s shirts and to everything a woman needs to be herself. Even in the most creative and fruitful act one can feel that something remains partially unexpressed. One perceives a vital desire to attain individual contents, to progress to new specific shapes, to build one’s own vocabulary, to fulfil the need for diversity, the tendency to change and to be different. Nobody can escape the spell of one’s own thought. Maybe this is how actions and feelings are determined beyond what is given, passed and handed down. Maybe this is how fashion works.

It certainly happened to Lulù Poletti and her siblings, Anna and Bruno, when they decided to rely on memory, with no complications, and on the ludic element of the childhood they spent in the factory – that’s where they played – to express the complexity and heterogeneity of this story. They revive fragments of a past imagery in order to suggest new connections and new paths, and to give shape to their identities. Melampo acquires a new aesthetic, planning and productive cachet that combines the design and distribution of clothes with the creation of cultural images and practices.

Just as children turn any object into a tale everyone would like to hear again, Melampo weaves together material from different disciplines: architecture, photography, tailoring, and entrepreneurship. Melampo’s conceptual structure evolves around words like ‘wearability’, ‘measure’, ‘model’, ‘technical control’, ‘orderliness’, ‘body’, ‘freedom’ and ‘lightness’. It builds clothes like sculptures whose surface is not embellished: it becomes the mirror image of the structure. With a surprising instinct for time, Melampo tries to maintain the quality of things while designing new ones. It brings magic and intelligence to clothes in order to oppose the violent and awkward attack to what is done properly.



Grandparents start it all. The story of Melampo begins in the troublesome socio-economic background of the rebuilding, but at the same time, in a landscape of countless possibilities where one can feel the excitement of the oncoming economic boom. In 1947, Antonio Poletti perks up an artisan work. In the beginning, there are few caps, all handmade, and they sell well.



The shop becomes a solid industrial reality and, in the late 60s, starts producing small series of men’s shirts. Devoting a place solely to this production may seem a bold choice, but it reveals the instinct of a good entrepreneur. It is especially this knowledge, acquired through deeds and materials quality, that shows in present Melampo’s products.



Parents spark off the development of a good idea. Thanks to Pierluigi, Antonio’s son, Poletti family’s production grows to include all articles of clothing, and spreads to Europe. Their workshop cooperates with the major international fashion designers and becomes the planning cradle of their collections. Melampo’s current products feed on this daily factory activity and on the extensive imagery that results from exploring different practices.



Son and daughters build the future. In a liquid and hypermodern society, in a flowing world that has become so small you can see it as a whole on Google Earth, Lulù, Anna and Bruno are plunging into a new existential and entrepreneurial adventure, their story and the Italian productive culture acting as parachute.



They open their first store in Berlin, the most stimulating city in the Old continent. They are ready to complete the pages of this family album.

© 2016 Melampo All rights reserved

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© 2016 Melampo All rights reserved

P.IVA 01135650180